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Your gateway to pain relief, reduced anxiety and overall wellness

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What is The Portal?

The Portal is your companion in reaching wellness beyond traditional medical care and fitness.  It combines therapeutic movement, physical therapy, yoga, meditation and breathwork to help reduce anxiety, manage pain, and feel a greater sense of connection to your body – so you can thrive both mentally and physically.

Created by Toni Haugen L.Ac., MSW and Dr. Kathleen Ross, DPT E-RYT, The Portal makes their clinical practices and expertise accessible to you wherever you are.

What’s included?

New content and teachings delivered to your inbox every month and accessible on-demand with your subscription. Follow a customized program based on your unique goals and needs.

On-Demand Classes

Guided instruction on therapeutic movement, weight lifting, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more to improve strength, mobility and a sense of well-being.


From the clinic of Coaches Toni and Kathleen, educational sessions to help you better understand your body and take control of your wellness journey.

Live Sessions

Join Toni, Kathleen and other members for a deeper dive on monthly topics, a Q&A discussion, and some laughs.

Curated Content

Articles, podcasts and more hand-picked by Toni and Kathleen to support your wellness journey.


Nourishment that supports your mind and body, including creations inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.


Support, tips, and shared experiences by connecting with other members.